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We are currently rebuilding our website - http://www.ihmmechanical.com  ... please call 604.298.2000 or 604.421.1616 for service.

Through IHM Mechanical, we service all types of sites, both electrical and plumbing needs. Supermarkets, residential high rises, small commercial spaces and large developments are all part of our portfolio. Our electrical and plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with full technical and staff support. Our dedicated electrical & plumbing crew has years of experience and works closely with our HVAC and Refrigeration staff to integrate your needs and designs into the overall scope of any project, with consistent and innovative results.

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4340 Dawson Street

Burnaby BC Canada V5C 4B6

Phone: 604.298.2000
Vancouver Island: 250.380.2000

Fax: 604.421.5858

TOLL-FREE 1.877.231.5729

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