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We specialize in refrigeration, commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems blast coolers and freezers.

30 fully qualified and dedicated journeyman technicians and 10 apprentices make up our mechanical team and we operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We design, engineer, install, sell, service, and maintain HVAC, refrigeration, and building control equipment. We also provide preventative maintenance contracts and ongoing customer support for all of our systems.

Our specialized systems include: blast coolers and freezers; custom cooling applications; humidification equipment; and computer room environmental control. Our company prides itself on being responsible, reliable, and efficient so we can deliver an excellent level of service to our customers.

CT Control Temp has been successfully serving the refrigeration and HVAC industry in engineering, installation, sales, service and maintenance since 1981.  

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4340 Dawson Street

Burnaby BC Canada V5C 4B6

Phone: 604.298.2000
Vancouver Island: 250.380.2000

Fax: 604.421.5858

TOLL-FREE 1.877.231.5729

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